SynField makes parks in Volos smart!

SynField makes parks in Volos smart!

Within the framework of a business partnership, two large installations of SynField systems will be conducted in parks in Volos. The smart irrigation and control systems will be installed at two different locations: the first in a park on Rigas Feraios Square and the second in the ‘Anavros’ area. A total of 5 SynField X5 head nodes and 36 SynOdos wireless peripheral nodes, will be placed to make these parks ‘smart.’ In each park, the SynField installation will consist of SynField X5 head nodes and numerous SynOdos peripheral nodes, creating an extensive network of smart devices that effectively cover the entire green space.

Several sensors will be connected to the SynField smart device network to monitor the climatic and soil conditions in the area and enable remote control of the water irrigation system. Specifically, each installation will include a meteorological station that records climatic conditions (air temperature, relative humidity, wind intensity and direction, rainfall), as well as sensors that collect soil data (temperature, soil moisture, and electrical conductivity). Additionally, water pressure sensors will be installed to monitor the water network, along with a large number of electrovalves to enable remote control and automation of irrigation.


Indicative installation – logistical equipment of the SynField Smart Irrigation system


The truly innovative feature of SynField is that it not only offers remote monitoring of micro-climatic, environmental, and soil conditions and provides consulting services for calculating irrigation water but also automates the entire irrigation process of smart parks and allows remote control of systems. Additionally, it supervises the irrigation network and warns of possible leaks.

Nikos Nikolakis, CEO of Synelixis, stated:

“It is a very important project that makes us very happy as we see the innovative smart irrigation solutions and remote management of green spaces that we have developed being adopted in more and more cities in Greece and abroad. We are also pleased and satisfied that we contribute both to improving the quality of life of citizens and to protecting the environment, as SynField offers substantial savings in water resources, significantly reducing water wastage.”