Traceability & Supply Chain Intelligence

Synelixis Solutions offers a rich product portfolio to ensure your supply chain reliability, traceability and cybersecurity by orchestrating and automating the entire process visibility and delivery with minimal manual intervention.

Synelixis’ Supply Chain Intelligence offers solutions to track your logistics operations with precise predictions of vehicle arrival time, optimize routes for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 processes, forecast production demand and simulate complex business processes and supply networks.

Relevant Products

* SynTrace: Traceability as a Service

* SynErgy: Citizens incident response management

Synelixis’ Supply Chain Intelligence offers:

  • Supply Chain predictive intelligence, analytics and real-time processes monitoring
  • Reduce forecasting error and mitigate risk along the supply chain
  • Intelligent Logistics operations and delivery support
  • Improve reliability with transparent goods flow and quality
  • Blockchain/DLT based traceability
  • Monitoring/Control of the Industry 4.0 assembly line and processes

More Solutions

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Monitor environmental and soil conditions and remotely control irrigation in your farm

Supply Chain Intelligence


Improve and cybersecure your supply chain processes, traceability and reliability

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Information security, data analytics and risk management in the era of Digital Transformation

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Smart business solutions that unleash the value of your Internet of Things (IoT) data

Edge & Cloud Computing


Advancing digital transformation by bringing processing power right where it’s needed

Consulting Services Portfolio


We have comprised a consultancy portfolio covering a full range of professional services