Consultancy Services

Synelixis Solutions offers a range of consulting services, from legacy networks and applications to state-of-the-art ambient and ubiquitous sensor networks. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to help them develop and evaluate strategies that maximize their organizational abilities and resources while creating mechanisms for innovation.

Synelixis provides specialised solutions that enable customers in a range of industry sectors to build reliable, high-performance and easily maintained software. By taking advantage of their expertise in hardware and software interfacing (.NET, C, C#, VB, Java, eclipse, J2EE, CORBA, OSGi, UPnP, MySQL), our engineers focus their efforts on implementing higher-level, application-specific software to make your product unique.


System Prototyping

Synelixis Solution core team has a significant research and industrial expertise in areas like:

Telecommunications & Network Architectures

Sensory Systems & Sensor Networks

Home Networks

Software Technologies

Network Security

Surveillance & Military Systems


By capitalizing on state-of-the art equipment, open source repositories and modern development methodologies, Synelixis is able to provide fast system prototyping and demonstrators in the above areas, covering the full range of PCB/hardware design, embedded software and user applications.

Embedded Systems Development

By utilizing the state-of-the-art methodologies and toolsets for hardware/software co-design and co-simulation and the extensive experience in programming languages/tools (C, C#, C++, Java, eclipse) as well as hardware description languages (VHDL and SystemC), Synelixis employees can design, develop and implement very efficient heterogeneous embedded systems tailored to either FPGAs or any CMOS technology.

Our engineers are working on an innovative toolset, which has been designed in-house, for effective hardware-software partitioning starting from a description of the high-level application in C, C++ or CUDA. They have also designed several high-end embedded systems in the past including the Fastest Network Processor (as an ASIC) which was outperforming the state-of-the-art ,at that time, Intel’s product as well as two multimedia embedded systems, one of which received the best paper award on IEEE ESTIMedia 2012.

More Solutions

Precision Agriculture


Monitor environmental and soil conditions and remotely control irrigation in your farm

Supply Chain Intelligence


Improve and cybersecure your supply chain processes, traceability and reliability

Cybersecurity & Risk Management


Information security, data analytics and risk management in the era of Digital Transformation

IoT & Connected Intelligence


Smart business solutions that unleash the value of your Internet of Things (IoT) data

Edge & Cloud Computing


Advancing digital transformation by bringing processing power right where it’s needed

Consulting Services Portfolio


We have comprised a consultancy portfolio covering a full range of professional services