About SynTrace

SynTrace is a fully decentralized, flexible and DLT-based traceability solution for Food Supply Chain Management, that seamlessly federates heterogeneous legacy IoT environments while enabling interoperability and secure management of digital data and business interactions along the chain. The solution considers the field-to-fork route of a food product over a number of heterogeneous business segments and corresponding IT infrastructures which are deployed along the food supply chain path.




Warehouse and distribution centers




Syntrace, software as a service, solution enables suppliers, retailers and consumers to:

  • Accelerate automation, digitization and secure information sharing among the participants in the food supply chain.

  • Transform the food supply chain by embedding accountability into the workflow and relationships and engaging food consumers in the entire chain.

  • Provide business networks and food consumers the means to verify product quality and safety.

  • Build trust and support collaboration between companies in the supply chain, each with its own processes and operations, without the need of a centralized authority.

Main Services

Product traceability service for consumers

QR codes include the complete history of products from the field to the supermarket shelf.

Audit service for companies

Fast and effective product quality checks to identify safety risks and points of failure.

How it works

SynTrace Provenance Business Platform leverages on blockchain technology to secure information sharing and collaborative advantage among the participants of the supply chain, improve transparency in business flow and enable end-to-end traceability, as demanded by both suppliers and consumers. This is achieved through:

  • RFID-enabled smart boxes to track products as they move from the field to the supermarket.

  • Hybrid networks of blockchains to guarantee data integrity and security.

  • OAuth 2.0 to authenticate actors, entities and data endpoints.

  • Smart contracts to enforce automation in business rules and transactions between organizations.

  • Flexible data adaptation and common semantics to enable transparent federation of heterogeneous IoT ecosystems.

Used technologies

SynField platform as farming IoT
Custom solution for transportation IoT based on Kaa IoT platform (temperature and RFID sensors within the truck)
Custom solution for warehouse IoT based on FIWARE (temperature and humidity sensors with different storage rooms)
The data mgmt. layer is implemented in python (django framework)
Vue.js for the FSC web app
Ethereum is used for private and public ledgers (Ropsten, metamask)
RBAC is implemented based on the open source keycloak project