Edge & Cloud Computing

The smooth coopertaion of the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing and traditional data centers are necessary to provide powerful solutions, data analytics and machine learning inference capabilities where needed. Synelixis Solutions can help your company to build or upgrade your own Data Centre or just take advantage of public edge and cloud computing solutions, offering secure data storage and fast data retrieval, tailored to your needs, while providing economies of scale and greater flexibility when adapting to technological changes. Synelixis cloud experts will offer site analysis, design, vendor-specific configurations, purchasing support, implementation, diagnostics, management, administration, and training and help your company to get advantage of the cloud power.

Cloud Computing

SynCloud Orchestration

The SynCloud Orchestration framework offers an easy-to-use solution to manage your cloud infrastructure and deliver differentiated services to your customers. SynCloud Orchestration monitors the performance of your Data Centre and the deployed virtual machines or physical hosts irrespective of your particular deployment, manages multiple hypervisors and enables seamless deployment and provision of consistent services across multiple data centers and around the globe, maximizing DC efficiency and up time.

SynCloud Orchestration helps you:

  • Monitor the performance of your Data Centers
  • Quickly deploy VMs or physical hosts irrespective of your particular deployment
  • Manage multiple hypervisors across multiple Data Centres
  • Support on-/off-premises OpenStack, Kubernetes, VMware or Amazon EC2 clusters
  • Provision and scale cloud resources
  • Reduce IT costs and labor
  • Provide flexible REST interfaces and tooling extensions
  • Increase flexibility and reliability

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Edge & Cloud Computing


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