About SynErgy

SynErgy is an integrated platform empowering citizens and authorities to cooperate and perform secure, traceable, effective, yet privacy-preserving incident response management.

SynErgy features an intuitive Android application allowing users to send incident reports to the authorities. Supported reports include:

  • Free text

  • Selections from dropdown menus featuring incidents pre-defined by the authorities

  • Multimedia content (photos, videos).

For the authorities, SynErgy delivers intuitive control dashboards, that render the management of the incident reports easy, quick and effective. The SynErgy control dashboards also allow authorities to directly communicate with the SynErgy Android application users, always respecting and protecting the identities of the latter.

SynErgy exhibits state-of-the-art, decentralized, secure identity and content management services. The identities of the SynErgy users are protected and validated using private (or even public) Ethereum blockchains. The contents of the incident reports and of the authorities responses are securely stored in encrypted, distributed filesystems (IPFS) and references of them are stored back in the blockchain. Altogether with the integrating SynErgy web services, SynErgy ensures secure, private, traceable and, most importantly, effective and hustle-free incident response management.

Key features of the SynErgy platform are summarized below.

  • All message exchanges are securely transferred and stored at all times;

  • The digital identity of the users is validated and managed by the blockchain infrastructure and is guaranteed to be decoupled from the physical one;

  • All information exchanges are permanent, immutable and traceable;

  • No individual’s special categories of personal data are processed (GDPR art. 9);

  • Messages collected or sent through the SynErgy Android application get deleted from the users devices immediately after being transmitted, so that no evidence of the reports may be found therein;

  • The authorities handling the SynErgy dashboards are able to directly interact with the end-users in either individual or holistic manner (message all end-users simultaneously).