Precision Agriculture

Synelixis offers solutions that help farmers control their farming procedures remotely, with high accuracy and at a low cost. Our products capitalize on state-of-the-art technology to enable remote monitoring of the environmental conditions of your farm or greenhouse through your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

SynField allows you to monitor environmental conditions at one or multiple selected points on your farm and use them to control irrigation. It alerts you under specific user-defined conditions so that you may take appropriate action.

Our powerful systems rely on wireless sensors to detect the environmental conditions in your greenhouse (be it hydroponic or conventional) while allowing you to program all relay-controlled systems such as irrigation, heaters or curtains. You can define an infinite number of programs with as many set points as you wish, locally (from the greenhouse) or remotely.

The SynField is Synelixis’ flexible, vendor independent solution for smart agriculture applications. It comes to fill the gap of remote monitoring of the environmental conditions (i.e. air temperature, wind level and volume, rainfall level, soil and air humidity, leaf wetness) and rule based/remote control of the irrigation system (but also expandable to other relay-controlled systems) based not only on time-parameters but also on sensed values.

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