IoT & Connected Intelligence

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) impacts every aspect of digital transformation from living in smart cities to industrial applications and sustainability. Data analytics and the IoT are integrally connected. Synelixis has designed an IoT portfolio to offer practical and rewarding IoT strategies and sector-specific opportunities towards connected intelligence.

Whether you want to remotely irrigate your farm, enhance your supply chain or shift to value added service and boost productivity with digital twins, machine learning, augmented reality or adaptive manufacturing processes, Synelixis has the insight, skills, practical expertise, products and platforms to support your digital tranformation. Synelixis team supports industries, operators, utilities, city councils and stakeholders to build multi-service, secure, scalable, and resilient Field Area Networks (FAN) and utilize emerging/industrial IoT services.

Internet Of Things

More Solutions

Precision Agriculture


Monitor environmental and soil conditions and remotely control irrigation in your farm

Supply Chain Intelligence


Improve and cybersecure your supply chain processes, traceability and reliability

Cybersecurity & Risk Management


Information security, data analytics and risk management in the era of Digital Transformation

IoT & Connected Intelligence


Smart business solutions that unleash the value of your Internet of Things (IoT) data

Edge & Cloud Computing


Advancing digital transformation by bringing processing power right where it’s needed

Consulting Services Portfolio


We have comprised a consultancy portfolio covering a full range of professional services