Synelixis To Lead Flagship European Project On metaOS

Synelixis To Lead Flagship European Project On metaOS

Synelixis is the Technical Coordinator of the flagship European Commission funded Horizon Europe metaOS project “NEMO” (Next Generation Meta Operating System).

NEMO establishes itself as the gamechanger of the AIoT-edge-cloud continuum by introducing an open source, modular and cybersecure meta-operating system,leveraging on existing technologies and introducting novel concepts,methods,tools,testing and engagement campaings. NEMO will bring intelligence closer to the data and make AI-as-a-Service an integral part of network self-organisation and micro-services execution orchestration. Its widespread penetration and massive acceptance will be achieved via new technology, pre-commercial exploitation components and liaison with open-source communities.

NEMO aims to unleash the power of AIoT in an IoT-to-edge-to-cloud continuum to increase European autonomy in data processing required by future AIoT and hyper-distributed applications. NEMO builds on easy development, ZeroOps deployment data monetisation and new business models, engaging communities and ecosystems to enable sustainability.

Atos Spain (NEMO project Coordinator) and Synelixis (NEMO project Technical Coordinator) will collaborate with technology giants such as THALES (FR), TELEFONICA (ES), WIND TRE (IT), OTE (EL), NETCOMPANY – INTRASOFT (LU) and Engineering (IT), specialized SMEs and prestigious Research Centres in an 10.5MEUROs funded project that will build the European meta-OS that will flexibly orchestrate resources in the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum.

SYN also leads the activities towards the NEMO meta-OS support for ZeroOps deployment and delivery of the “Intent Migration as a Service” model, which will facilitate the adoption of NEMO by third parties. Beyond technological development and technical coordination, within NEMO, Synelixis actively participates in the Smart Farming living lab, powered by Synelixis’ SynField, experimenting on extending its SynField platform to support smart placement of services across the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum, offering AI in the farm, integration with agri-drones and agro-robots.


NEMO is a 36-month project that started on 1 Sep. 2022. It has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe research and innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 101070118