SynField Cloud Applicaton Release version 3.1

SynField Cloud Applicaton Release version 3.1

Synfield is Synelixis’ precision agriculture solution offering accurate data acquisition and real time monitoring. The new version carries updates rendering it even more powerful and user friendly. Apart from the measurements that the SynField node uploads on the SynField application from the installation place, the updated SynField application considering the cultivation type, date and soil characteristics ( like field capacity-FC and permanent wilting point-PWP) yields a set of derived metrics such as:

  • the dew point in the crop area (Celsius degrees)
  • the daily and aggregated growing degree-day (GDD)
  • the evapotranspiration of the crop
  • the irrigation dose (mm), the surface outfall of the soil (mm)
  • the overirrigation dose (mm) in the crop
  • the maximum allowable depletion (MAD – %)

Furthermore, the SynField application provides our customers with an even friendlier Graphical User Interface (GUI). The user is now able to combine measurements which are coming from the SynField nodes or/and metrics on a unique diagram or to compare the forecast data with the real measurements for a specific service on the same time window.

The disease forecast algorithms and the automation rules have also been improved. Specifically, the automation rules now support disjunctive logic among the services, minimum/maximum activation and deactivation times and optionally trigger logic.

The registration of the SynField node and the relevant sensors in the GUI have been enriched with new properties per sensor such as the critical sensor flag and the depth in which the soil moisture sensor has been installed.

Another new feature is the capability to send commands from the SynField GUI to a node. These commands include the reboot of the node, the retrieve of the configuration and debug files, the date and time synchronization of the node and the send of a specific command. Last but not least, SynField is compatible with two new sensors; the soil water tension sensor and the parametric range voltmeter.

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