New installations of SynField in Arsinoe and Meligalas, Messinia

New installations of SynField in Arsinoe and Meligalas, Messinia

Two new SynField precision agriculture systems were installed in large olive groves in Messinia. The first system was installed in the area of Arsinoe and the second in the area of Meligalas. The SynField systems were placed in representative locations in order to record the environmental and soil conditions prevailing on each farm.

Each installation includes a Davis Vantage Pro2 meteorological station that records the ambient temperature and relative humidity, wind intensity and direction, real-time rainfall, a Meter Group Teros-12 soil sensor that records humidity, temperature and electrical conductivity at the selected point and depth, an Apogee pyranometer that records sunlight and a Meter Group Phytos-31 leaf wetness sensor that records the moisture that olive trees retain in their foliage.

The above sensors are connected to a SynField X3 node (version 2021), which periodically sends the measurements to the SynField web platform. The data are being sent to the SynField web platform via the mobile network while the systems are energy-autonomous, with an integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery.

By installing the SynField systems, the olive grove manager is able to, remotely observe the conditions prevailing in the farm, to monitor the fluctuation of the sensor measurements over time, to receive automatic notifications and alerts on his mobile phone via email and/or SMS for events that interest him such as very high/low temperature, frost, low soil moisture etc. Finally, the farm manager can observe the evaporation, the growing degree days, the dew point per olive grove.


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