Uganda becomes the 4th SynField’s African country

Uganda becomes the 4th SynField’s African country

New SynField installation in Africa to monitor crop quality, soil characteristics and enviromental conditions. This time, the system was installed in Uganda. Uganda now becomes the fourth country in Africa where SynField systems have been installed. The advanced capabilities and solutions offered by SynField appreciated greatly by farmers and producers in Africa.

The SynField was placed in a coffee cultivation in the Biwindi region, Uganda, to monitor the environmental and weather conditions prevailing in the area. For that reason, the installation includes a SynField X3 head node and a meteorological station. After the installation of the SynField smart agriculture system, the producer will be able to monitor and control the cultivation remotely. All the data collected by the sensors are transmitted to the SynField online platform, enabling users to access real-time information from any location.

Synelixis leads agricultural innovation and digital transformation through the ongoing development of SynField. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, the system provides producers with modern digital tools that save money, increase the yield and reduce the total costs significantly.  Furthermore, SynField reflects Synelixis’ commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient farming practices, striking a harmonious balance between increased yields and ecological responsibility.


SynField installation process in Uganda
SynField installation in Uganda