The FISHY project is completed

The FISHY project is completed

After three years of intensive work, from September 2020 until the finalization of the project in 2023, we are proud to announce that FISHY project is completed!

FISHY project (A coordinated framework for cyber resilient supply chain systems over complex ICT infrastructures) designed, developed, validated, and demonstrated a coordinated framework for cyber resilience provisioning to guarantee a trusted supply chain of ICT systems, built upon distributed, dynamic, and often fundamentally insecure and heterogeneous ICT infrastructures.

SYNELIXIS contributed to the design and development of FISHY cybersecurity platform anticipating to protect the modern supply chains. Furthermore, we validated FISHY benefits in the farm to fork supply chain and assessed the security benefits of FISHY for protecting the SOFIE platform. SOFIE platform is a blockchain-based farm-to-fork platform that gathers information from the farm through SynField smart agriculture devices, developed by SYNELIXIS, to the warehouse till the supermarkets to deliver them to the consumers.

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