The 1st SynField & SynAir installation in Ethiopia

The 1st SynField & SynAir installation in Ethiopia

Synelixis’ SynField continues to expand in Africa. The first installation of SynField in Ethiopia conducted in Bishoftu, a town in central Ethiopia within the East Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region. The installation comprises of 2 SynField X3 head nodes and 2 SynAir nodes. The devices are equipped with sensors to monitor and record prevailing environmental conditions in a chicken feeding facility. The SynAir devices measure and monitor critical air quality characteristics. The collected data is being sent to the SynField online platform. Then, users can access real time data, as well as historical data and relevant charts, from anywhere.

The professional air quality monitoring system SynAir supports a plethora of sensors capable to detect and measure air quality characteristics such as, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, particulate matter (PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 4, PM 10), total volatile organic compounds (VOC), NO2, CO, O2, Ozone, and NO2. Monitoring air quality is vital for optimizing production practices and ensuring livestock well-being. Continuous assessment of important parameters allows producers to proactively identify potential environmental stressors, enabling timely interventions to mitigate adverse impacts on productivity and animal health. The state-of-the-art SynAir air quality monitoring system not only enhances and safeguard the overall productivity but also supports environmentally responsible and resilient agricultural systems.

Synelixis leads agricultural and farming innovation through the ongoing development of SynField. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, the system provides producers with modern digital tools that enhance production while prioritizing environmental conservation. SynField reflects Synelixis’ commitment to advancing sustainable and efficient farming practices, striking a harmonious balance between increased yields and ecological responsibility. As SynField evolves, it promises to be a pivotal asset for producers optimizing their operations and contributing to a more resilient and environmentally conscious agricultural sector.


SynField X3 Head Node and SynAir installation in Ethiopia


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