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SONATA (Service Programing and Orchestration for Virtualized Software Networks)

Cloud Computing & 5G

Virtualisation and software networks are a major disruptive technology for communications networks, enabling services to be deployed as software functions running directly in the network on commodity hardware. However, deploying the more complex user-facing applications and services envisioned for 5G networks presents significant technological challenges for development and deployment.

By combining rapid development and deployment in an open and flexible manner, SONATA is realising an extended DevOps model for network stakeholders. SONATA validates its approach through novel use-case-driven pilot implementations and disseminates its results widely by releasing its key SDK and platform components as open source software, through scientific publications and standards contributions, which, together, will have a major impact on incumbent stakeholders including network operators and manufacturers and will open the market to third-party developers.

SONATA Partners:

Project info

Coordinator : ATOS SPAIN SA
Call & reference : H2020-ICT-2014-2
Starting date : 1/7/2015
Duration : 30 Months
Status : Completed Successfully

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