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REVERIE (REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments)

Networked Media

REVERIE (ICT-287723) aims to move social networking towards the next logical step in its evolution: to immersive collaborative environments that support realistic inter-personal communication. Recent scientific advances in a variety of different research fields mean that it is now possible to integrate research outputs towards technologies that support real-time realistic interaction between humans in online virtual & immersive environments.

REVERIE envisages an ambient, content-centric Internet-based environment, highly flexible and secure, where people can work, meet, participate in live events, socialise and share experiences, as they do in real life, but without time, space and affordability limitations. To achieve this goal, REVERIE will focus on the integration of cutting-edge technologies related to 3D data acquisition and processing, sound processing, autonomous avatars, networking, real-time rendering, and physical interaction and emotional engagement in virtual worlds.

The project will also address usability and acceptability aspects of the resulting user experience. The project features two compelling use case scenarios that will be used as the basis for technical integration and that collectively will allow the project to demonstrate the validity and potential socio-economic benefits of REVERIE’s vision of the future of social networking.

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Project info

Call & reference : ICT-287723
Starting date : 11/9/2011
Duration : 45 Months
Status : Completed Successfully

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