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FORENSOR (FOREnsic evidence gathering autonomous seNSOR)

Energy Efficiency / IoT & Agriculture

FORENSOR will develop and validate a novel, ultra-low-power, intelligent, miniaturised, low-cost, wireless, autonomous sensor (“FORENSOR”) for evidence gathering. Its ultra-sensitive camera and built-in intelligence will allow it to operate at remote locations, automatically identify pre-defined criminal events, and alert LEAs in real time while providing and storing the relevant video, location and timing evidence.

FORENSOR will be energy efficient and ultra-low power, able to operate for up to two months with no additional infrastructure. It will be manageable remotely, preserve the availability and the integrity of the collected evidence, and comply with all legal and ethical standards, in particular those related to privacy and personal data protection. The combination of built-in intelligence with ultra-low power consumption could help LEAs take the next step in fighting severe crimes.

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Project info

Coordinator : Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - CERTH
Call & reference : H2020-FCT-653355
Starting date : 1/9/2015
Duration : 36 Months
Status : Completed

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