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EXTRA (Exploiting eXascale Technology with Reconfigurable Architectures)

EXTRA creates a new and flexible exploration platform for developing reconfigurable architectures, design tools and HPC applications with run-time reconfiguration built-in from the start. The idea is to enable the efficient co-design and joint optimization of architecture, tools, applications, and reconfiguration technology in order to prepare for the necessary HPC hardware nodes of the future.

EXTRA focuses on the fundamental building blocks for run-time reconfigurable exascale HPC systems: new reconfigurable architectures with very low reconfiguration overhead, new tools that truly take reconfiguration as a design concept, and applications that are tuned to maximally exploit run-time reconfiguration techniques. Our goal is to provide the European platform for run-time reconfiguration to maintain Europe’s competitive edge and leadership in run-time reconfigurable computing.

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Project info

Call & reference : H2020-FETHPC-671653
Starting date : 1/9/2015
Duration : 36 Months
Status : Completed

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