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DOLFIN (Data Centres Optimization for Energy-Efficient and EnvironmentalLy Friendly INternet)

Cloud Computing & 5G / Energy Efficiency

DOLFIN (ICT-609140) aims to significantly contribute towards improving the energy efficiency of Data Centres and stabilizing of Smart Grids, following a holistic approach, across networks of Data Centres and Smart Grids. DOLFIN will model, monitor, and measure energy consumption and enable seamless, autonomic migration of VMs between servers of the same DC or across a group of Energy-conscious, Synergetic DCs, aiming to: i) optimize the overall energy consumption by dynamically changing the percentage of active versus stand-by servers and the load per active server in a DC, and ii) stabilize the Smart Grid energy distribution, under peak load and increased demand, by dynamically changing the energy consumption/ production requirements of the local DCs.

DOLFIN Partners:

Project info

Coordinator : Interoute SPA
Call & reference : ICT-609140
Starting date : 1/10/2013
Duration : 36 Months
Status : Completed Successfully

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