News Archive: 2011

News Archive: 2011

  • 20 October 2011

    FINSENY consortium Press Release: Researchers from several European Countries join forces to develop smart energy solutions.

  • 14 September 2012

    Press Release: Synelixis Solutions to test IDS/IPS systems based on reconfigurable platforms via the ICT-287804 FASTER project.

  • 6 September 2011

    After a very successful final review, the FP7 ICT BeyWatch (Buildings’ Energy Watcher) completed successfully. The Project Officer and the reviewers congratulated the project consortium, while the project received the highest mark (“The project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals and has even exceeded expectations”). It is worth to note that Synelixis has been the Technical Coordinator of the project.

  • 1 September 2011

    Synelixis Solutions has started two new projects: ICT FP7 287723REVERIE (REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments) and ICT FP7 287804 FASTER(Facilitating Analysis and Synthesis Technologies for Effective Reconfiguration).

  • 5 May 2011

    Synelixis Solutions and Telefonica I+D (TID) have entered a license agreement on “Buildings’ Energy Consumption Scheduling Optimization”. Under the agreement, TID will lead the patent procedure of the solution, while Synelixis will be able to commercialize and distribute the solution exclusively in the territory of Greece and world-wide where Telefonica does not have up to December 2010 any official footprint.

  • 2 April 2011

    Synelixis Solutions participates at the FINSENY (Future Internet Smart Energy) consortium. FINSENY is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project focused on smart energy. Link to the project site.