Gender Equality in Synelixis


It is Synelixis’ policy to ensure its employees’ rights, which are regulated and derive from national laws and ministerial decisions. Synelixis strives for working conditions of respect for the personality and dignity of its employees in the performance of their duties, as well as the freedom of political and philosophical beliefs within the framework defined by the Constitution and current legislation, applying the principle of equal treatment. 

For this purpose, Synelixis has committed human resources to carry the special responsibility for the work to promote gender equality and the structuring and foreseeing of the implementation of a Gender Equality Plan. An equality plan refers to the comprehensive actions for the promotion of equality within an organisation and the prevention of unlawful discrimination. 

Gender Equality Plan Main Goals


1. To ensure that genders have equal opportunities when it comes to recruitment and terms of employment

2. To ensure an equal gender distribution at all levels and in different departments

3. To ensure that gender does not affect employees’ wages

4. To ensure that all employees have the same opportunities, rights, and obligations regardless of gender

5. To ensure a healthy work environment, free from gender-based violence, where everyone is treated professionally

6. To ensure a work environment where employees can combine work with family life