Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Proactive Security: Synelixis’ Contributions to CyberSEAS

Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Proactive Security: Synelixis’ Contributions to CyberSEAS


SYNELIXIS is actively working and contributing to the objectives of the Cyber Securing Energy dAta Services – CyberSEAS project. CyberSEAS’ aims to improve the resilience of energy supply chains, protecting them from disruptions that exploit the enhanced interactions and extended involvement models of stakeholders and consumers in complex attack scenarios, characterized by the presence of legacy systems and the increasing connectivity of data feeds.

In this context, SYNELIXIS is proud to announce results of its work within CyberSEAS project and the tools in proactive security and monitoring. The tools developed are being integrated in the Cybersecurity portfolio of SYNELIXIS.

CVIAT (Cybersecurity Vulnerability Identification and Assessment Tool) by SYNELIXIS supports energy operators to identify and assess their vulnerabilities. It offers, through a web-based platform, a flexible and easy way to define assets, correlate them with vulnerabilities and assess them using the CVSS v4.0 methodology, maintaining also the historical evolution of the assessments. Furthermore, CVIAT offers some intuitive reporting capabilities, through an interactive dashboard, that allows the energy operator to have a prioritised list of the most vulnerable assets that are suggested for immediate attention.

In addition, to allow for proactive security monitoring and notifications, SYNELIXIS uses Machine Learning (ML) technology to monitor the logs of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). The tool developed (FML on IDS), using the IDS logs, anticipates the occurrence of cyber-attacks, within specific time windows, that range in the duration of one to few packets. FML on IDS can be trained locally, while it can also use Federated (Machine) Learning (FML), to adjusted ML models from the knowledge (IDS data) obtained by different energy operators. CyberSEAS tools are verified in testing labs (by the consortium partner) and validated in the pilots by critical infrastructure operators in the Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES) area in Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Romania and Slovenia).


CyberSEAS is a 36-month project that started on 1 Oct. 2021. It has received funding from the EU Horizon Europe research and innovation Programme (Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens) under Grant Agreement No. 101020560.