AgriDataValue in the Press

AgriDataValue in the Press

AgriDataValue attracted several announcements by the media prior and after the kick-off event.

The technological superiority, scale of deployment and comprehensive end-to-end multi-actor involvement draw the attention.  AgriDataValue, during its lifespan (6 years), is targeting the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and it will strengthen the Smart-Farming capacities and empower farmers’ competitiveness and fair income. A presentation of the project and its objectives were illustrated both in high-traffic online news sites and in a major agriculture newspaper (print form). Below you can find the links to the online announcements.

Agrenda (Agriculture Newspaper – print)


Links to Press Releases:

  1. ETHEAS (the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives in Greece)
  2. Agrinio Agricultural Cooperative Union (online publication)
  3. (online press)
  4. (online press 1)
  5. (online press 2)
  6. (online press)
  7. (online press)