FORENSOR Successfully Completed

FORENSOR Successfully Completed

FORENSOR (FOREnsic evidence gathering autonomous seNSOR) H2020 project has been successfully completed. The final review took place in Lisbon (in the premises of the project partner Portuguese Criminal Police) in April 2019, where the full system capabilities were demonstrated to the EC and the users.

SYNELIXIS has been responsible for the design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of the secure communications mechanisms that offer the functionality of the FORENSOR nodes to the Law Enforcement Officer. The FORENSOR nodes generate alerts and evidence (images) which are transferred automatically or upon request to the operational center through the WSN and the Gateway.

Employing innovative WSN mechanisms (including IPv6, 6LowPAN and the RPL routing protocol) as well as the sub-GHz (868MHz) technology, SYNELIXIS solution has successfully combined requirements of long range, low consumption and efficient bandwidth. The WSN has achieved robustness and reliability, especially considering the volume of exchanged data (images of VGA resolution), while the asynchronous Duty Cycle mechanism (based upon X-MAC) has enabled to minimize the power consumption dedicated to communications purposes. The communications hardware comes from ST Microelectronics (STM32L152RE and X-Nucleo extension IDS01A4 Sub-1 GHz RF expansion board.

During the project lifetime, the communications capabilities have been successfully tested in deployments in Hellenic Navy, Police of Valencia (Spain), Police of Chiusi (Italy) Portuguese Criminal Police and the Criminal Police of Cape Verde.

Power consumption of the communication with the Duty Cycle

More information on the project, its solution and the partners can be found on the project’s website: