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ΣΓΑ SynField – TreeTag

ΣΓΑ SynField – TreeTag (Precision Agriculture Data Collection and Analysis)

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The project will develop an integrated application that will allow for the recording of data at tree level and at vineyard/olive grove level in order to create a digital identity for the chosen entity. Static attributes such as geographical location and entity ID will be recorded, as well as active attributes for the plants such as a photograph and physical properties: crop type, plant height, diameter e.t.c. All data will be registered in a location service system, where it can be monitored and processed.

Data recording will be achieved through android mobile devices carrying GPS and offline logger which supports the storage of the location (geographical coordinates) of the trees and their properties. The system will utilise embedded geodetic maps (images) as background for the digitized trees.

The project aims at a) designing and developing the integrated system, b) offering remote control of the farm, c) data logging, d) statistical analysis of data (geo-statistics), e) conversion of data into reference and monitoring tables with graphical representations, f) disease assessment, g) creation of digital hazard maps for the digitized trees, h) agricultural intervention advice with a decision-making system. For this purpose, the TreeTag v2.0 software is integrated into the SynField smart agriculture system, in order to provide new features that make it a farming data collection and analysis system at the level of the individual plant.

The system – to be installed in areas of the Greek island of Samos – will utilise SynField nodes, connected to the SynField platform, and will control the experiments through the SynField Control application for android devices.

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Coordinator : Synelixis Solutions SA
Call & reference : Δράση 1.β.3 «ΕΠ Βόρειο Αιγαίο» 2014 – 2020
Starting date : 27/05/2021
Duration : 24 Months
Status : Running

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